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Unwind Atrium and Bar

Hotel Lord Forrest has one of the best restaurants in Bunbury, with a whole host of exotic cuisines and drinks to ensure a wonderful dining experience for families, couples and a group of friends alike.

Steak, sea-food, snacks, desserts and much more

Looking for a romantic place to spend the evening with your loved one or planning a day out with friends or family? You can stop by to grab a quick bite, full-course meal and company of your dear ones.

Love great food but hate to wait? If yes, then Hotel Lord Forrest is the right place for you. We take time to cook for you, but we don’t make you wait for too long. We have highly experienced chefs on board who will cook the meal to order and will make sure it’s served hot on your platter.

We promise the best in hospitality and customer satisfaction. We are not just a place that serves food; we provide a perfect ambience for you and your loved ones to indulge in endless gossips and create memories while enjoying your favourite food and drinks.